Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just three days left in 2010

There are only a few days left in 2010. Is there anything you need to take care of before we get to 2011?
  • Do you need to deposit any gifts of cash or checks you might have gotten during the holidays? (remember ATM deposits often take a couple days to be processed, teller transactions are processed more quickly)
  • Any bags or piles of change sitting around the house? If you take it to the bank to be counted there might be enough for a couple New Year's drinks!
  • Take a look at any spending accounts (healthcare, daycare, eldercare, etc)- do you need to buy a few more health items or turn in some receipts you've been saving? Each account might have different rules, grace periods, and deadlines, make sure not to miss them!
  • Did you want to cash out of any stocks or other investments during 2010 to count the gains or losses in this year's taxes?
  • Any deadlines at work for requesting reimbursement for expenses or miles?
  • Do you need to max out your 401k, IRA, or a 529 account deposits? Again, there are often grace periods, but it's still worth checking.
You get the picture. Take care of these things now so you can relax and enjoy New Year's!

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