Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saying No

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A discussion topic in our baby and me class today really got me thinking. We talked about saying "no" to our kids and how important it is to teach them they can't always have everything that they want. Saying no helps them to develop self-control and self-discipline, two very important life skills. The discussion also centered around how culture and the media focuses on saying "yes" and always getting more stuff with instant gratification.

What a lesson. If more people had learned this lesson as kids said no to things they couldn't afford, maybe we could have avoided the mortgage meltdown and financial crisis! A recent post on one of my favorite blogs said it well, too: I Am Not Giving My Kids Everything

How does this tie to being thrifty? We can sometimes say no to ourselves when looking for the easy way, which might be the more expensive way. We can try to raise our kids to not expect piles of presents and material things for every holiday, but give them an unlimited amount of love and attention. We can talk to our kids about the family budget and why we make the spending decisions we do, which sometimes might mean saying "no" to things they want.

As the header of this blog says, being thrifty is not just about saving money, it's also about thriving, flourishing, and prospering. Saying no in a loving way can help all of us do just that!

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  1. Made the molten chocolate cakes last night (I had also cut out the recipe) They were easy to make and great to eat - esp with a scoop of ice cream. I used semi sweet chips cause thats all I had.


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