Sunday, June 5, 2011

Extreme Couponing?


Over the past year, I have read and seen several stories about so-called "extreme couponing." This involves using coupons and store sales to get items for a very low price or for free. Often these extreme couponers will get many many packages of a certain product and stockpile it, just because it is very cheap. Some of them are so good, the store will owe them money at the end of a purchase transaction because of the combination of coupons and sales!
Have you seen the TV show about these deal-finders? It's on The Learning Channel (TLC) and is called Extreme Couponing.

Here's a website that has tips and strategies, as well as weekly breakdowns for stores such as Target and CVS.

What do you think of the strategy? Have you ever done it? The jury is still out for me, but maybe I should try it for a couple weeks and see what happens...


  1. How would you ever eat all of that food? I would love to hear about your experience but that pantry is insane!

  2. That show is so crazy! Most of the people seem to have a grocery store for themselves in their basements, etc. For someone who lives in a city, it just isn't realistic. But seems cool. From what I can tell you have to like having a lot of the same things (who goes through 10 things of mustard, etc.). I think it would be cool to see someone I know do it though!

  3. As a fellow couponer, I enjoy watching the show, but get sad that they seem like hoarders. I like the ones that donate their stock piles. I coupon and have a stock pile, but it is not a years worth of anything. I can walk out of a store and save close to 80 or 90 percent, but it does take planning.

  4. Thanks for the comments, girls! Since we don't have cable, I have never actually seen the show, but have seen some of their segments on Today and Rachael Ray. I agree that donating rather than hoarding seems like the best way to go. I'm thinking of focusing on just a few items like toothpaste and deoderant and seeing what kind of deals I can get... stay tuned! :)


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