Sunday, September 11, 2011

Qwik Trip milk in a bag?

Last week, we got a flier in our newspaper from Qwik Trip. They had a great price for milk- $2.18 a gallon. I realized that the small print said that the milk came in a bag?! What was that all about? I looked at the Kwik Trip website and realized that the bags of milk came with a pitcher to store the milk in. I had to try this for myself. When I went to Kwik Trip I found the milk in half gallon bags for $1.09 each.

There were also free plastic pitchers available. To use the milk, you put the bag in the pitcher and cut off a corner. It pours really easily. You then twist the corner down and put it in the fridge. It fits perfectly in the door.

So, if you have Kwik Trip in your area, give their milk in a bag a try. You'll save about 50 cents per gallon and have the novelty of pouring milk on your cereal from a pitcher. While you're at Kwik Trip, you might find some good deals on things like bananas and bread as well.

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