Saturday, January 28, 2012

MN to NM?

Wow, it's been awhile. We have been deep in the process of unpacking, organizing, and getting connected in our new home- Albuquerque. Things have been going great so far. People here are really friendly and we've been able to make a lot of connections.  Having a toddler really helps with meeting people- you just go to a park and start talking to the parents of the other kids! The fact that the high has been at least 50 almost every day helps with the whole park thing. Back in Minnesota, we didn't really make it to the park from November through most of April because of the weather. Which brings me to the topic of my post:

I'm thinking of changing the focus of my blogging, and maybe just starting over at a new blog. This process of relocating/moving across the country and getting settled has taught me a bunch of lessons. And I continue to learn new things about our new hometown, the process of getting to know a new place, and the nitty gritty logistics of moving and making new friends. While being thrifty is still a big part of our daily life, this process of going from MN to NM and making it our home is a bigger focus right now.

So don't be surprised to see a new focus on this blog or maybe even a completely new blog taking its place! More to come.


  1. I am excited to learn about your journey and can't wait to read your new focus of your blog! I always love reading! Post-on sister! Love you!

  2. Thanks E! Make sure to check out my new one:


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