Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Splurge- Worthy Wednesday- Working out?!

As you may recall, I posted here about the fact that it's OK to quit the gym if you aren't using it enough to justify the price. But what I didn't say is that for some people, working out is their favorite splurge and one that brings them joy. I have friends who are into marathons, triathlons, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, you name it. And they spend a good amount of money on bikes, shoes, mats, trainers, entry fees, etc. It's great, they get a lot of satisfaction, motivation, and positive health effects from their chosen workouts and the money they spend.

I, in fact, just got back from my first ever fitness yoga class at a local studio. They were offering a deal so I bought five sessions for $40. I'm going to give a few different classes a try. Who knows, maybe I will enjoy it so much that yoga and pilates will move to my personal splurge-worthy list! I'll keep you posted


  1. $8.00 a class seems pretty reasonable, especially considering the fact yoga has positive physical and mental impacts.

  2. I agree, especially since it's usually $15 to buy an individual class. The more you buy, the lower the per class rate of course. It drops to $10 a class if you buy 18.

  3. also remember its cheaper to spend money to preserve your health than it is to fix your health in the future. E.g. the cost of a gym membership is much cheaper than getting diabeties.


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