Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thrifty Strategy- Podcasts

I have had an iPod Touch for almost two years now. Since our baby was born I have used it a ton, but mostly to check email, Facebook, the weather, and to read The New York Times. I haven't really listened to music or podcasts on it for a long time! This weekend, I happened to be in the car when "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" was on NPR. I had totally forgotten what a hilarious radio show it is.

So tonight I got back on the iTunes horse. I subscribed to "Wait Wait" and also downloaded a couple other podcasts I have enjoyed in the past. They include The Mighty Mommy, The Nutrition Diva, Marketplace, and The History of Rome. Podcasts are a fun, thrifty way to pass the time in the car, when exercising, or whenever you might otherwise listen to music. Most are free, and you can learn something or just be entertained. So check them out!

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