Friday, January 7, 2011

DIY Project- Bathroom Remodel Part 4

Back to the 2009 bathroom remodel (wow, two years ago already). As I covered in my previous posts, my husband remodeled our upstairs guest bathroom back in 2009. We were able to save quite a bit of money in labor and use high-end products that we are still really happy with.

Today: The Vanity

Once the floor was installed it was time for the vanity. We picked out a dark wood vanity, the wood color matched a swirl in the granite for the floor. Because the space for the vanity was a bit larger than the vanity itself, we also purchased an extra piece of matching trim board, to bridge the small gap that was going to be left. That allowed us toget a vanity off the shelf rather than custom which saved quite a bit of money.

When visiting someone's home that winter, we saw a great idea. They had installed tube lighting under their vanity that can be used as a night light. We copied the idea for our bathroom, and wired the lighting on its own light switch.

Next it was time for the countertop. My husband had heard about a place that sold granite remnants left from larger kitchen and bathroom jobs. We headed over to their office with one of our floor tiles. Luck would have it that they had a piece of matching granite that would work! We also had back and sidespashes and a threshold for the floor cut from the same piece. They came to measure our space, we told them what kind of sink we wanted and what facuet we were installing, and they cut the granite to our specifications. Awesome!

The faucet was from Home Depot. We picked one that would go with our modern vibe. We also ended up buying coordinating drawer pulls because the ones that came with the vanity didn't fit our style.

Things were really taking shape, next it was time for the biggest project- tiling the tub surround!

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