Friday, January 14, 2011

I know you were in suspense...

I bought the below at Target yesterday and got some amazing deals. (see blog post from yesterday for teaser/preview) I got everything you see below for less than the original price of the shoes!

My purchases:
Butterfly sweatshirt $0.98 marked down from $3.99
3 pairs sweatpants (3 different sizes) $0.98 each marked down from $3.99 each
1 pair shoes $3.74 marked down from $14.99
2-pak fleece sleepers $4.98 marked down from $9.99

Total Spent: $12.64 (actually a bit less than that since I get 5% off for using my Target Visa and there is no sales tax on clothes in MN)
Original price: $40.94
Amount Saved: $28.30

Everything but one pair of sweatpants is in larger sizes for my daughter to wear during spring or for next winter. Just proves again that shopping at the end of the season can yield some great bargains.

For those who shop at Target there are a lot of baby-related items on clearance right now. Also some great deals to be had in shoes, toys, and home decor.

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