Saturday, August 14, 2010

Groupon Update: We used it!

Today was a big day. My husband used the Groupon we bought a few weeks ago. It cost $15 and was for a $30 haircut at Regis Salons. He called one of the participating locations this morning and made an appointment for a couple hours later. When he got there, he told the stylist he had a Groupon. When it came time to pay, he tipped the stylist and then handed over the Groupon.

Overall, the Groupon experience was good. He paid $15 for the Groupon and $6 for the tip, for a total of $21. The same haircut with tip would have been $36 otherwise. However, the experience at Regis was not what he expected for the price. He said it felt like just one step up from Great Clips, where the haircut costs $15 plus $4 tip. (not a huge surprise since Regis and Cost Cutters are owned by the same company) It was not as relaxing or pampering as the experience at the LifeTime Fitness Lifespa which has comparable prices.

We would use Groupon again, and it was a good way to try out a business we hadn't used before. Unfortunately we will not return to Regis to pay full price! He will return to Great Clips, where the price  (low) matches the ambiance (OK).

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