Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thrifty Strategy- Taking the bus

Part One: Long-distance bus riding

Several years ago, I remember some friends taking the Greyhound from Madison to Minneapolis for the weekend. They had quite interesting stories about the "interesting" people and situations they went through during the trip. I took the Better Bus from Madison to Minneapolis for spring break once, and it was great. They have snacks and play movies onboard. I also used Badger Bus quite often to get from Madison to Milwaukee and back again (and in looking at their site I see that they now offer weekend service from Milwaukee and Madison to LaCrosse and the Twin Cities, very cool).

In the past couple years, I have seen the Megabus on I-94 between Milwaukee and Minneapolis and have wondered what it's like. A friend I used to work with took it once and said it was nice. Then I saw a reprinted article from the New York Times today about the resurgence of long-distance express busses. The Humble Bus Takes Off Sounds like it's the way to go!

Have any bus stories to share?

Coming tomorrow will be part two- local busses/mass transit

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