Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thrifty Strategy- Take the bus to the State Fair

That's right, the Minnesota State Fair begins on Thursday and runs through Labor Day. My husband and I go every year and have many traditions that have to happen at the Fair!

One thrifty tradition is to use the special Free State Fair Park and Ride lots to park and get to the fair for free. No fighting traffic, and we get dropped off right at the entrance gate. We usually park at one near the University of Minnesota, but they are scattered near the Fairgrounds. In the suburbs, there are Express Busses to State Fair for $5 and Southwest Metro Transit State Fair express service for $5.

Once we get to the fair...

First, we have to see the fattest pig and get our paper Pig Ears to wear

And climb the DNR fire tower for an up-high view

See the bunnies

Check out the Miracle of Birth Barn

And of course I have to eat a deep-fried Snickers Bar on a stick and my husband has to have a Pronto Pup! I'm sure there will even be some new traditions this year since we're bringing our baby daughter.

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