Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Follow-up to my last post

I hit up the Target frozen food sale and Valentine's clearance yesterday. I didn't go nuts on either deal, our freezer is getting full so I just bought things we really needed. A thrifty strategy. Here's the damage:

Box of 32 kids' Valentine's cards: Original Price $1.00. Paid $0.10
Four plastic Valentine's plates: Original Price $1.99 each. Paid $0.19 each.
Total Spent: $0.86

Frozen pizza (backup in case of dinner emergency), frozen appetizer, two boxes of Hot Pockets (yes I know they're really bad for you but they are backup lunches for my husband when there aren't leftovers for him to bring), two packages of frozen chicken breasts, one bag of frozen peas:
Subtract $1.50 Target online coupon for buying two packages of chicken
Subtract $5.00 giftcard for purchasing seven frozen items
Total Spent: $21.38

I feel good about my purchases, but didn't do a blockbuster job working the system on the frozen deal. One blogger did, here's a link:

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