Friday, February 18, 2011

I joined a gym(?!)

Gold's Gym GG480 <em>Treadmill</em> GGTL39608
Yes, it's true. The girl who had ratcheted down the spending on fitness to $0 for over a year is now not only regularly going to pilates classes but joined a gym!

I have been going to an hour-long Pilates class once a week. It's a great core and strengthening workout, but there is really little cardio involved. Over the past couple months, I'd been thinking that it was time to get going on some cardio exercise, however the two feet of snow on the ground and below-freezing temperatures did little to motivate me. Last week we received a flyer from Fitness 19 advertising a weekend sale. I took the bait and went in.
Here were their membership choices:

Option One: No enrollment fee, $19 per month (plus a once a year charge of $29)
Option Two: $149 enrollment fee, $7 per month (plus a once a year charge of $29)
In both cases, unlimited child care was $5 per month.

After doing some calculations and weighing the options, I went with Option One- no enrollment fee and $19 per month. My reasoning? I am not a big workout fanatic and might just end up quitting once the weather gets nice or if I lose motivation. This way I can easily cut and run without eating the $149 enrollment fee. When I signed up, they even waived the child care fee! So I can work out as much as I want, with free childcare, for $20 per month with tax. Seems thrifty to me!

Why did I go with a no-frills gym? Price and convenience. The gym is about 10 minutes from my house, near our church, and in the same shopping center as the dollar store and a Cub grocery store. It also has a childcare center, so I don't have to worry about finding a babysitter every time I want to hit the treadmill. The price is pretty unbeatable, too. To be honest, I wish there was a pool, sauna, spa, hot tub, waterpark, etc like at our old gym. However I really don't need those things.

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