Monday, February 28, 2011

New Project

Yes, our daughter is almost 13 months old. And yes, we still need to fill some of the walls of her bedroom. My husband and I have been debating and browsing art for over a year now, but a sale on finally got us moving. We just bought these prints for our daughter's room and two prints for our room- we've been in our house for over three years and the walls of the master bedroom are still mostly bare.

Next step is for my husband to build frames and mat them. As I mentioned here, framing and matting your own art is a thrifty strategy. The art for her room will all have matching white-stained frames and each will have a different colored mat (I think). The frames for our room will be stained to match our bedroom set. I have step-by-step pictures from his most recently finished framing project, those will be coming in a future post.

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