Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost a year...

It's hard to believe I'm closing in on a year of blogging. My first post was June 6, 2010. For those first few months I had the (crazy) idea that I would post every single day. I'd even jump out of bed at 11:45pm and write a quick blog if I realized I hadn't posted yet that day. Thankfully, I have left that mindset behind. My current goal is two to three posts per week.

Which leads me to my question.... is there any thrifty-related topic you'd like to see? Something that has caught your interest that you'd like me to do some research about? I had one friend ask about extreme couponing, so I might dig into that and give you guys a full report. More slow cooker recipes are on the way as well.

Until then, enjoy the fact that Spring is finally here. We finally have leaves on the trees here in Minnesota!

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