Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrifty Strategy- Subscription Price Savings

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Wanted to share a method my husband used to save quite a bit of money.

We have had a subscription to SiriusXM Satellite Radio (used to be XM Radio) since 2001. My husband has always gotten the best monthly price possible by signing up for multi-year contracts. This year, when our subscription was up for renewal, the prices had gone up. It was time for a new strategy.

Tonight, my husband called XM and said he was going to cancel his subscription (disclosure: my husband had no intention of actually cancelling and was sweating a little bit, worried they might call his bluff). When asked why, he said it was too expensive. Miraculously, the customer service representative was able to offer him a "special" limited-time deal that was less than any of the advertised prices. So, we now have a year subscription for around $8 per month. Nice.

Thrifty lesson learned: if the price of a service or subscription goes up, see what they will offer you if you threaten to quit!


  1. Great story! It's amazing how a little pressure and the threat of cancellation will get the company to make a better deal. That strategy works on so many levels in life.


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