Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dollar Stores- The deals and the not so much

Sunglasses I got this morning

Dollar stores- everything is a dollar or less so it must all be a good deal, right? Wrong. Look closely at the packaging, often companies make specific, smaller package sizes to sell at dollar stores (for example cookies, candy, aluminum foil, etc) so it might not be a better deal than the grocery store or Target. Sometimes you will see products that you know cost less than a dollar elsewhere. Here are some things that I think are a great deal at dollar stores:

  • Sunglasses- Every time I buy sunglasses that cost more than $1 I end up losing or breaking them within a week! Dollar stores usually have sunglasses, buy a few and keep them in strategic locations. Some stores also sell reading glasses for those of you who might need them.
  • Party Supplies- Most dollar stores have a large selection of paper plates, napkins, table cloths, etc. Whenever I'm having a party or need disposable tablewear, I head to the dollar store.
  • Helium Balloons- The Dollar Tree offers helium-filled balloons in 20 or more shapes and styles. Such a steal! They are a few dollars each at party supply stores.
  • Vases- If you need a glass or plastic vase for a flower arrangement you're giving or need a bunch of vases for a wedding or event, the dollar store usually has a good selection.
  • Picture Frames- There is usually a wide variety of frames, many are basic but sometimes there are more fancy ones/themed ones.
  • Dish Towels- I hate to spend more than $1 on a dish towel that I know will probably get ruined within a couple months
  • Gift Bags- Even plain gift bags cost more than $1 at Target and other stores. Dollar stores have a whole wall of gift bags of every imaginable size and pattern.
Do you have any go-to dollar store products? Leave a comment and let me know!

Other favorite dollar store purchases

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  1. I like to hit the dollar store to find very inexpensive plastic flower pots. And best yet, if you check them out by looking at the bottom of the pot, many are made in the USA. GO USA!
    judy c


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