Thursday, June 10, 2010

Parting ways with your stuff- ebay vs Craigslist vs donation

We all have "stuff" around the house that we really don't need anymore. The question is- what is the best way to get rid of it? If it's still worth something, how do you know if Craigslist or ebay are the way to go? And what about donating it? Hopefully this will help.
  • If in good enough condition to sell, is the item new in its package or in almost new condition? Yes- ebay No- Craigslist
  • Is there a market for the item in your immediate local area? Yes- Craisglist No- ebay
  • Is the item difficult or expensive to ship? Yes- Craigslist No-ebay
Donating: If you are not interested in trying to sell, several organizations will pick up items at your home address. Make sure to keep a list of what you donated and the receipt they provide to use for tax purposes. Some organizations that offer pick-up are linked below. Or you can always drop items off at an organization such as Goodwill Industries.
Lupus of MN
Disabled American Veterans of MN
Vietnam Veterans of America

Future posts will go into details on the how-to of Craigslist and ebay. We have used both and made some good spending money!

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