Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New BumGenius 4.0 and travel with cloth diapers

For those of us who cloth diaper, yesterday was a big day. Cottonbabies finally announced their new cloth diaper product, which replaces the BumGenius 3.0 diapers. As I mentioned here, we have been using cloth diapers since our baby was a few weeks old.

I am excited about the new features and three new colors, and if I was looking to expand my cloth diaper supply, would definitely buy some 4.0's. The main updates are new colors, a choice between velcro and snaps, and the ability to fit bigger babies. One other cool new feature is the ability to easily replace the elastic on the diapers yourself if needed.

Cloth Diapers and Travel
Some people have asked me how I travel while using cloth diapers. Our daughter has gone on three trips so far. I used cloth for two trips and disposable for most of one trip. The main decision point is access to a washer and dryer. When we travel somewhere and stay in a home instead of a hotel, it is easy to travel with cloth diapers. I just bring about 10 diapers, enough for a day and a half, and do laundry a couple times while we're there. When we're in a hotel, I don't use cloth. However, I bring a few cloth diapers and use them on the last day, then just wash them when we get home.

Day to day I carry a couple extra cloth diapers, along with a roll of plastic bags, in my diaper bag. If she needs a diaper change, I just put the dirty cloth diaper in a plastic bag and knot the end. When we get home, I put it in our Diaper Champ along with the other dirty diapers. You could also use a "wet bag" when on the go which is a waterproof, reusable bag.

Do you have any other questions or comments about using cloth diapers? Let me know!

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