Thursday, July 15, 2010

1024 Diapers- We did it!

We have been using cloth diapers ever since our daughter was three and a half weeks old and big enough to wear BumGenius. You can read more about our experiences on two of my past blogs here. Once we switched, the only time we used disposables other than some one-off times was when we were in San Diego in a hotel for five days. Other than that, it's been all cloth, all the time. Each time I wash and dry a load of diapers, I count how many there were and mark my handy tracking sheet taped to the wall in our laundry room. This week we hit a major milestone, over 1000 diapers!
Here are some of our diapers (We have 31 of them) hanging on the drying rack. I usually do a load every two or three nights and leave them to dry until the next day.

And because I couldn't resist, here is a picture of our daughter at about a month and a half with her diapers.

I'm estimating that we have saved about $125 by using cloth (since our diapers were gifts we don't have to earn back the $18 cost per cloth diaper). This is based on the price of 50-pack Up and Up diapers. I can't wait to keep saving more money! Plus, we've avoided putting 1024 diapers in a landfill and our daughter looks so darn cute in them.


  1. How exciting! I haven't kept track of how many diapers we have avoided and our son is 11 months, but I do know we have only used 5 30 packs of disposibles! That is pretty good! We also love Bum Genius diapers. (Do you have any microfiber smell issues? If I dry indoors I get a smell.)

  2. Thanks! I haven't had any smell issues yet. I wash with a tiny bit of free and clear Up and Up detergent and always do two rinse cycles. I also always set the load size on extra large even though a load of 20 or so diapers isn't that big, I figure the extra water will help to rinse them well.

  3. Great pictures!


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