Monday, July 5, 2010

Thrifty Travel Strategy- Frequent Flier Credit Cards

I know several people who use a credit card to earn frequent flier miles. We have a Charles Schwab card that earns us cash back and an Exxon Mobil card that earns us free gas, so we haven't tried the miles thing yet. The New York Times recently had an article reviewing the different frequent flier credit cards. Sounds like the US Bank Visa FlexPerks card was their choice, do any of you use it?

Article from NY Times

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  1. hey April, thanks a lot for the article! I've been looking into a new rewards card and that sounds like a great option. My challenge unfortunately, is that it charges 2% for International transactions, so the $400 in fees for 20,000 points offsets the free flight. :( In any case, the article was helpful in considering options. I also bookmarked this article a few months ago; thought you would enjoy (-Bridget)


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