Thursday, July 29, 2010

My thrifty influences

If you've been reading my blog, you might be wondering how and why I became thrifty. There have been two major thrifty influences in my life; my mom and my husband.

My mother, who was/is a stay at home mom like me, showed me how to be thrifty by example. Some key things I learned from her (and continue to learn) include:
-A family that eats dinner together stays together
-How to plan menus
-The importance of sticking to the grocery list when shopping
-Using coupons
-Shopping TJ Maxx, Marshall's, dollar stores, Aldi
-The art/science of rummage sales

My husband is also a very thrifty influence. It must be his finance background! Some key things I have learned from him include:
-Using to centralize our budgeting
-Buying and selling on ebay and Craigslist
-Creating and sticking to a budget
-It can be fun to do home improvement projects

Who helps you be thrifty? Or is there someone in your life that gets you off course?

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