Sunday, October 3, 2010

DIY Project- Bathroom Remodel Part 3

The Heated Floor

One of the features we really wanted in our new bathroom was heated floors. How nice would it be to walk on nice, warm, floors on a cold morning! The heating wires had to be installed on the subfloor and then covered with layers of floor leveler (a liquid that you pour on that dries smooth and flat) before the tiles were laid. My husband used a kit that included the long piece of wire and metal tracks that attached to the floor which the wire was hooked to. There are also kits with pre-made mats but this was the better choice for us. We also had to wire in a programmable thermostat which is on the wall so the floor warms up at the right time each day.

View of metal tracks and wires from the doorway
You can see the metal tracks and copper wire in toilet area (got to have warm feet while you're using it!)

Toilet area after one layer of floor leveler- you can still see the wires so another layer was needed

Once the wires were installed and the floor was level it was time to put in the granite tile floor.... stay tuned!

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  1. Soooo impressive! Great work! I couldn't imagine doing a project like that! Any new baby pics of Autumn? I bet she's getting so big! I miss you!


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