Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Land Hurricane" and Power Outage

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From MPR Updraft Blog

As you might have heard, there has been quite a storm passing through the midwest. (some are calling it a "land hurricane," a bit over the top if you ask me) Here in the Twin Cities, we have had strong winds, gusting to over 60 miles per hour! And yesterday a record was set for the lowest barometric pressure reading ever. This culminated last evening in a power outage for a few hours. Thank goodness we had a flashlight in easy reach that allowed my husband to go get our battery-powered lantern out of our camping gear box.

Sitting in the dark, wondering if the food in our fridge would make it, got me thinking about emergency preparedness. When we visited friends in Southern California a couple weeks ago, I was impressed that they have emergency supplies at their house just in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster. Here's a link to a list of supplies the government suggests you have at home just in case: Emergency Kit.

How do I tie this to being thrifty you might ask? You can be thrifty while you put your kit together- when gallons of water are on sale, stock up. Same with canned food, batteries, pet food, and more.


  1. Stay safe, it has been crazy in Chicago as well.
    PS - Love the blog wallpaper :)

  2. Thanks! It was hard to find the right wallpaper but I think this one fits the bill.


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