Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Thrifty Halloween

A pumpkin we carved a couple years ago
Halloween can be frightening.... to your pocketbook! How can you have a fun Halloween without breaking the bank? 

It's a lot of fun to come up with and make your own costumes. It can also be really thrifty if you use things you already have or head to a thrift store. There are plenty of websites out there with ideas, here are a few:
Here are some ideas that I have seen or done:
- Crazy Sock Man: Wear a sweatsuit and safety pin all different kinds of socks all over you. Attach socks to a knit cap and wear socks on your hands and feet. You're the guy who always steals one sock out of the wash so there is always an unmatched one.
- Miss America: Wear a bridesmaid's dress or other fancy dress. Make a sash out of a wide ribbon and write Miss America on it. Get a tiara and you're set. (same idea can be used to be a princess)
- Frog: Get a green hooded sweatshirt, cut a ping pong ball in half and attach the two pieces onto the hood for eyes. Wear green or black pants and gloves. Go with a princess and be the princess and the frog.
- Butterfly: Make wings out of some cardboard and wear over your shoulders like a backpack with some pieces of rope or twine. Make antenna out of a headband and some pipe cleaners.
- Ugly/Evil fan of opposing sports team: Wear the colors/uniform of a sports team you don't like and make yourself unattractive with a mask, wig, etc.
- Field of flowers: hot-glue fake flowers all over an outfit

Do you have any fun costume ideas? Leave a comment!

Paper Plates/Napkins/Decorations:
I have two words for you on this topic- Dollar. Store.

- We have a yearly tradition of going to Chipotle dressed as a burrito for a free meal. However, they changed the rules this year- you need to dress as a processed food product and pay $2. More Info Here.
- Pre-packaged Halloween desserts from the bakery or those sugar cookies that have Halloween designs in them can be a rip-off. Try making brownies or cookies and then topping with some orange and/or purple sprinkles- instant Halloween dessert.

Have a spooky Halloween!


  1. Even better on the miss America take - if you have a brother (like I do) who works for the miss USA pageant - have him send you a sash or two -and you are officially set for Halloween. I think i need to change my outfit idea due to chilly weather though.

  2. Ha! Hopefully he didn't have to swipe them, were they a perk of the job?

  3. hmmm not sure, I assume a perk to swipe them for his sisters :()


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