Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Food Stories

Still making all of our daughter's baby food. Some recent purees include carrots, yams, and a mix of peas/carrots/corn. However, since she's nine months now she is eating more and more "real food." Some interesting things she's eaten lately:

- Vegetable curry from an Indian restaurant. I ordered it mild and mashed the peas, carrots, and chickpeas with my fork, then mixed with some rice and some yogurt. She loves it!
- Meatloaf. I made it from scratch and again, mushed some up with my fork and she ate it right up.
- Pulled pork. We were staying with friends who made an amazing pulled pork shoulder in the crock pot. I gave her some small pieces. The meat was so tender she was able to eat it with no problems.
- Pumpkin pancakes. We were out to breakfast and had to try this seasonal special. They were very tasty and our daughter agreed.

Have you fed your baby anything interesting lately? Experts say it's important to have them try many different flavors. Of course I still try to abide by the rule of not introducing more than one new ingredient at at time.


  1. I wonder if I should be introducing different flavors starting now! All of Autumn's eats sound delicious and are making me hungry - is it lunch yet?

  2. Indian food is a staple in our house, we have a couple awesome cookbooks and I make it probably once every two weeks. Maybe the flavors somehow got to her in-utero so now she likes it! I've heard that can be the case. Worth a try, right? (if you can handle strong flavors at this point in your pregnancy)


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