Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Travel Strategy- Airport Parking

From Kare11
Every time we have to fly, the question comes up: How will we get to the airport? If we have to drive the next question is: Where do we park? Of course the simple answer is to just park at the airport, a short walk away from the security gate. However, that is the far from thrifty answer. There are also offsite parking lots such as Park N Fly, but those aren't that much less. Minneapolis has a light rail line that serves the airport, but the problem is that most light rail parking lots don't allow overnight parking.

The article I linked to below caught my eye this week. There is a little-used program offered by a parking ramp in downtown Minneapolis. They let you park in their ramp (Ramp C for those of you familiar with Minneapolis), and from there you can take the light rail to the airport. Sounds like a great choice for those times we have little luggage and also have a little extra time to get to the airport.

Cheapest MSP Airport Parking- Kare11

For those of you who don't fly out of MSP, I encourage you to take a look at options in your city. Maybe there's an offsite parking lot that has specials or coupons, or a mass transit option that someone could drop you off at. In any case, it pays to plan ahead for a thrifty parking spot!


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  2. We do the same that Tom does above with the Park Sleep Fly. IF we are going for more than 5 or 6 days...its cheaper to get a super early flight and stay close to the airport the night before. (But that's becuase we live 3 hours away from the closest large airport - Atlanta or Jacksonville) Better yet....I have some Marriot points left over from when i traveled for work and can stay free at the hotel and leave our car for the week - free parking!!!


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