Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's Get Rrrrrrready to Rummage!

That's right, folks. Rummage sale season "officially" begins this weekend! For those of you in the south, I'm sure they last all year round, but here up north, most wait until the weather is a bit warmer to start. This is also the spring fishing opener weekend, so many men will be out on the lake, leaving their wives to hold sales or to go shopping!

Last year, I wrote a post about garage sale strategy. However, I thought today would be a great time to mention it again. Some key thrifty garage sale tips:
- With the price of gas at an all-time high, doing some research before setting out makes more sense than ever. Use Craigslist to search for garage sales in your area. Once you find some promising ones, map the addresses out using google maps in order to determine the best route.
- Take some time to empty out your change jar, pockets, cup holders, and other places that coins gather. Keep them in a ziptop bag in your car or purse and use them for your garage sale purchases. Garage sale hosts love getting more change, and it's "free money" for you.
- If you really don't need it, don't buy it. Even if it's only 50 cents.
- Check everything over to ensure it's in good condition, and make sure to disinfect or wash the items once you get them home.
- Have fun!

Over the past two days, I went to four garage sales and purchased the loot you see below. Any guesses as to how much I spent? Answer below.
Black jean jacket, fleece hoodie, fleece hat with matching gloves, 2 pairs fleece gloves, four Christmas hand towels, Strawberry Shortcake beach towel, hooded sweater with flowers, new tights, new swimsuit, four pairs of shoes (two being Stride Rite brand), Connect Four (not pictured).

Grand total..... $20.25. $5 of which was from my change bag so really I only spent $15.25 of "real money."  Nice.


  1. Connect Four - replacement parts or an extra set so you can run tournaments?

  2. Love it. I love the red shoes. Did you see any in my size?
    Great tips by the way. I love the idea to empty your pockets. Free money rocks. :)

  3. @Nicki- we only had travel-size Connect 4 which is just too small for everyday use
    @Badger- sorry, none in adult sizes. They had sooo many cute toddler size 4 and 5 though.


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