Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thrifty Strategy- Pantry Staples

A few weeks ago I wrote (link here) about how I went for almost a week without going to the grocery store, just using items I had on-hand to make dinner each night. Many people out there have created pantry staples lists, and I have linked to several below

Real Simple Magazine's List
Rachael Ray's List's List

I'm not going to compete with the above and list out every single thing you should always have in your pantry. However, there are certainly some key things that I try to always have on hand because they make quick and healthy meals in a pinch. Keeping items such as these can help you be thrifty by avoiding so many trips to the grocery store. What's on your list?

Crushed tomatoes in tomato puree
Tomato paste
Spaghetti sauce
Quick-cooking couscous
Jasmine rice
Shredded cheese
Quick-cook oatmeal
White onion
Sweet potato
Lettuce or spinach

Frozen vegetables (peas and broccoli are favorites)
Frozen chicken breasts
Frozen chicken thighs or drumsticks
Frozen pizza (last resort!)
Frozen white fish (cod, swai, flounder)

Ground beef

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