Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thrifty Tip- Rental Car vs Taxis

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I learned a good lesson when planning for a recent trip. Make sure to check the distance from the airport to your hotel and the price of a taxi ride. Sometimes, renting a car is a much better deal. Plus, having your own car allows you to leave the hotel or resort to grab some groceries or eat at a non-hotel restaurant. When making your comparison, be sure to include the cost (if any) of parking at your hotel or resort. On our recent trip, we got a car for the whole weekend for $77, a one-way ride from the airport was going to be $60. Even with a daily parking fee we saved quite a bit of money and were able to explore the area on our own without having to hire another cab.

Also, when we reserve a rental car, we always pick the smallest/cheapest car on the website. And every time, when we get to the rental desk, they don't have that size and we get a free upgrade.

Any other rental car tips you want to share?

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